Take Advantage of Cheap Refinance Mortgage Rates

A small consolation of the mortgage crisis are the depressed refinance mortgage rates that are now available. These historically low rates make refinancing a very lucrative option for a lot of people, for extra money to spend or to save. But before you make a move take advantage of cheap refinance mortgage rates, you have to make sure to do the math and make sure that you don’t end up spending a lot when trying to close a refinancing deal. Here are some tips

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Government to Boost Ownership in Citigroup

I just read this report from the Associated Press that the US Government is about to close a deal that will increase it’s onwership in the beleaguered owners of Citimortgage, Citigroup. This will result in another large cash infusion in the bank while at the same time increasing government’s control on that financial institution. It will then demand changes on the board of directors, and other changes it has not yet disclosed.

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