Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Review

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a subsidiary of the Wells Fargo Bank, which is a full service bank with locations and ATMS primarily in the Midwest. Despite the subprime mortgage crisis, this company has remained profitable while offering competitive fixed rate mortgage terms.

Wells Fargo Bank, the parent of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, is a regional Western and Midwestern full service bank with over 3200 location and 6800 ATMs. To see their full line of products and services, or locate a nearby Wells Fargo Bank or Wells

Wells Fargo provides 30 year fixed rate FHA home mortgage which can depend on the location of the property. The amount of the morgtgage is also dependent on the location of the property. There is a prequalification that is provided to first time buyers that they offer for free. They also have mortgage refinancing at affordable rates.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage underwotes more responsibly than others because it tends to keep most of the home mortgages that it makes, thereby avoiding the foreclosures and mortgage-related losses that other competitors have experienced.

This company offers several financing options for it’s home mortgages, such as those that start with a set interest-only pamyment period and then moves to make up for the principal amount that should have been paid earlier. The amounts of the payments or the interest rate could be higher depending on the loan. A positive thing to note is that Wells Fargo describes the home mortgage risks and dangers up front.

Overall, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a decent source for a mortgage with buyers who need a little more flexibility with their financing.

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