Crestar Mortgage Review – A Broker’s Perspective

From an email:

As a broker right now, I’m finding it more difficult to secure loans. It’s quite unlike in previous years where lenders were almost practically ready to give out money. Now, most of my problems are caused by too many stifling loan conditions that are handled by incompetent staff. However, I find that Crestar as a mortgage lender is very easy to do business with. Their rates are very competitive and they have very active and engaging¬†customer support. While they also have their own set of guidelines for securing a loan, they are flexible and have helped me out in securing home mortgages for my clients by bending some of those rules. They have been also very flexible when it comes to quick processing of deals and they are prompt and deliver on time.

Crestar also allows me to take access the Fannie Mae online underwriting program and I can use this to get approved during the application process and help me get through deals quicker. A real time saver.

I recommend Crestar highly as an option for financing and refinancing.

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