Making Home Affordable – Eligibility (TARP Refinance)

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Making Home Affordable

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Making Home Affordable is the federal government’s program that is part of President Barack Obama’s strategy to fix the current housing market crisis. Under this program, up to 9 million American families can opt for a home loan refinance or a home loan modification that makes their payments more affordable. Continue reading Making Home Affordable – Eligibility (TARP Refinance)

Mortgage After A Foreclosure


I have a 100000 career as a Registered Nurse and have a foreclosure on my record from 2 1/2 years ago. My credit score is about 640. My boyfriend is self employed but has the option of getting a VA loan. He is in construction and has had to claim a loss on his taxes the last two years just to make it through. He has a credit score over 780. Is there anyone that will give us a mortgage loan under these circumstances?


Several options comes to mind:

• FHA guidelines are two years after a foreclosure, which means you could qualify for as little as 3.5% down.
• Hard-money lenders will often make loans six months after filing bankruptcy or a foreclosure, but will a require 20 to 35% down payment. The interest rate will be very high and the loan terms are not as favorable; many will contain prepayment penalties and be adjustable.
• Subprime lenders (not to be confused with hard-money lenders) are no longer making 100% financed loans.

Low mortgage rates: Time to refinance?

With the interest rates we’ve been experiencing for the past year or so, it may seem like there is no end in sight to historically low rates.

In the United States, Freddie Mac’s recent Primary Mortgage Market Survey, which provides a snapshot of U.S. average mortgage rates, reported a national average rate of 4.56 per cent with 0.7 points on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. At the same time last year, the rate was 5.2 per cent with 0.7 points. So once again, you might be asking yourself, is it time to refinance?

Assuming you can qualify to refinance your mortgage, here are some things to consider.

Your Overall Financial Picture

Refinancing can be a great way to save money. It can also be a great way to get yourself into financial trouble. You shouldn’t refinance if you suspect you will make a refinancing choice that will hurt your financial situation in the long term.

Your Breakeven Period

Your breakeven period is one of the most important considerations in a refinance. To determine your breakeven period, you need to look at the monthly savings you’ll create by refinancing and the total cost to refinance your loan.
The easiest and fastest way to get a complete picture of your refinancing situation is to use a detailed mortgage refinancing calculator, available online.

Some Reasons Why You Should Consider Mortgage Refinancing

Why refinance? A lot of people nowadays need more money than ever. If something bad happens like a retrenchment or if someone gets sick, or if there is simply an opportunity to increase your savings or take advantage of better market rates, there are many reasons why you should refinance. Here are some reasons.

Better interest rates . This is best purpose for getting home loan refinancing . It’s probably logical to look for home refinance loans which will let the home mortgage refinancer to attack lower interest rates . Over a few years, my periodic savings will pay the cost of the house refinance due to poorer monthly refinanced home mortgage payments . Before taking out a cheaper and low interest mortgage , I should analyze if mortgage refinance is sensible .

Travel from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage to a Fixed Rate Mortgage . Homeowners who are risk verse alterations in market rates that involve mortgage refinancing could be fulfilled wth adjustable that definitely proffer gainful monthly payments . Home loan refinancing that present adjustable rate home mortgages are ideal if the owner of the house only means to dwell the home only a few short years . Although if the owner of the house only means to reside the home for a long period of time the owner of the house should bear in mind tenderly switch for a fixed rate term mortgage . This kind of home loan mortgage may probably hold a higher interest rates when compared to an adjustable rate mortgage but the owner of the house’s payments will remain being constant .

Break free from large bumps in payments . Home loan refinancing programs that own a balloon payment are cool when the borrower desire better interest rates and a much better initial monthly payment that are comparable to adjustable rate mortgage refinancing plan . However, the total the balance shall still be payable to the home mortgage company if the home being mortgaged is still in your possesion in the closing stages of the balloon payment term . The homeowner can possibly convert to an adjustable rate mortgage .

Once and for all Break out of Mortgage Refinance Insurance . Small downpayment mortgage refinance options are accessible to be had people . These plans sadly calls for a probable mortgage insurance that has been designed protect the lender in case the mortgage fails . This prerequisite for private mortgage insurance is not considered necessary anymore because the general actual market value of the borrower taking out a refinance’s property is raised and the principal on the person getting refinancing is cut .

Some spare cash will be to be had from your house equity . If the overall market value of the homeowner looking for refinancing home goes up , a cash out home loan refinancing becomes accessible to pay off a party or credit cards or a new swimming pool .

The home mortgage refinancer should be required to cautiously reflect on all the compensation and burdens of all arguments before the mortgager’s buys into a and getting refinancing .  Being safe about this will secure your financial future.

Cheap Mortgage Rages – Refinancing 30 year mortgages

The global economic slow down has caused a lot of problems for many but other positive opportunites have arisen. The most significant positive that has developed is in the area of refinancing a 30 year mortgage. Continue reading Cheap Mortgage Rages – Refinancing 30 year mortgages

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