Chase to Open an Additional 24 Counseling Centers

Chase is adding another 24 mortgage counseling centers within the next four months bringing the number of such centers that provide face-to-face assistance to distressed homeowners in 14 states up to 51. These centers are located in Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, and Seattle. The addition, according to the head of retail financial services at Chase, Charlie Scharf, responds to the unusually high demand for loan modifications and follows the so far successful engagement of its initial 27 centers in providing a complete document packages looking for permanent payment relief. Borrowers can schedule appointments or walk in six days a week. Since they first opened 11 months ago, Chase centers have provided counseling for over 60,000 borrowers, the bank said. But Should I refinance home


How do you remove spouse from the warranty deed

Question: How do i remove my spouse from the warranty deed of my house if the loan is in my name?

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Should I Refinance Home

These are crucial times. The housing industry is in a slump and jobs are threatened. Everyday we are reading more and more bad news from the economy. Sometimes, the important question we ask ourselves is:

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Refinancing advise


We currently have a 20/80, 30yr fixed loan. Together the rate is about 7.5%. We still owe over 270,000 on the loan. Would it be wise for us to refinance?

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Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgages

As defined in the previous post, reverse mortgages are loans converted from home equity that you won’t have to pay back until you die or move out. It is a means of a way out for cash-strapped seniors to get some needed cash. But with the real estate market falling, these loans are risky proposals to borrowers right now.
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